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canada remembers_education_thumbThis Documentary series follows the stories of Canadian war veterans set against the backdrop of the Canada Remembers Air show, which is held annually in Saskatoon, SK Canada. Listen to the amazing stories as told by those who went over there and were fortunate enough to come home.

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Thomega Entertainment Canada Remembers Educational Series

Veteran's 2000 Reunion

Recognizing our War Veterans that have been involved in the conflicts of the past century is an important undertaking. Such an event was held at Saskatoon's "Canada Remembers 2000 Airshow". The airshow provided a special tribute to the war veterans. This event was documented and produced by Thomega Entertainment Inc.

Activities included giving personal attention to the veterans by vendors of different aircraft and other military displays. Each veteran was identified by a pin or related object of distinction. Nearing the end of the airshow a large memorial was unveiled and dedicated to the veterans. This memorial is expected to be viewed by at least 800,000 people every year. This is only a very general communication of what was be done for the veterans.

As our veterans grow in years a conscious effort must be made on the part of every citizen to remember the sacrifice that was made to enjoy the freedom we have today. In the 1998 SaskPlace had the largest attendance during the memorial service in Canada, (13,000).

Funding participation provided by Saskfilm, SCN, Global, Millennium Program Fund, Canadian Television Fund, CAVCO, Sask Tax Credit, Credit Union Center, Thomega Entertainment Inc.

The show broadcast nationally on the Global and Prime networks in 2001. It broadcast provincially on SCN. Canada Remembers has been distributed to elementary and post secondary schools across the nation and is now a prerequisite in many Canadian schools curriculum. In 2002 Canada Remembers was selected to screen at the New York Independent Film Festival. Please contact us for inquires about copies of this video available to the public, lest we forget.

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It's Time to Say Thanks

In August 2005, Thomega Entertainment in association with Credit Union Centre shot the second one hour documentary in their on going commitment to archive and broadcast these important Canadian legacy stories. This program featured Venessa Corkal and Phydra Faulkner, two teenage girls, who together discovered why it is important to never forget. This show broadcast on CTV and SCN, November 11th, 2005. The show was featured on the front page of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix on the same day, with a photograph of the girls with World War II Veteran, Reg Harrison, who appears in the 2000 show as well, with his stories of valor and survival.


Financial Participation provided by CTV, SCN, Veterans Affairs Canada, Credit Union Centre, SETC Saskatchewan Centennial and CAVCO.


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Our Lasting Legacy

In August 2006 and 2007, Thomega Entertainment in association with Credit Union Centre shot the third one hour documentary in their on going commitment to archive and broadcast these important Canadian legacy stories. This program featured Master Corporal Brian Mullison an Afghanistan Veteran and Don Jackson who survived the Great Escape during the WWII. This show broadcast on VISION, November 11th, 2008. The show was featured in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

Financial Participation provided by CTV, VISION S-VOX, Veterans Affairs Canada, Credit Union Centre, Thomega Entertainment Inc. SETC, and CAVCO.


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Their Achievements and Sacrifices

In August 2009, Thomega Entertainment in association with Credit Union Centre shot the Forth one hour documentary in their on going commitment to archive and broadcast these important Canadian legacy stories. This program features several Afghanistan Veterans and interviews with parents of some of the fallen in that region. Two young Interviewers learn first hand why it is important to never forget and to say a kind thanks to a Veteran every chance you get. This show broadcasts on VISION S-VOX, November 11th, 2009.

Financial Participation provided by Vision S-VOX, Veterans Affairs Canada, Credit Union Centre, Thomega Entertainment Inc, SETC, CAVCO.



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Viewer Response

Hi , my name is Garth Doell, I would like to take this time to THANK YOU for the tremendous and moving show you put on last fall for Remembrance Day. My father George Doell had been living in Saskatoon at the Sherbrooke Veterans Home in unit 8 but unfortunately passed away September 16,2005. On Remembrance Day I had been watching all the different programs that were on that were about Remembrance Day. I then came upon your show on CTV and started watching, my children and myself were watching and we thought the young ladies from the local high school you had on the show doing all the interviews of the Veterans was excellent. They did a superb job and showed a genuine interest and most important emotions to what our Veterans went through. As we were watching and the show was almost over my father George Doell was being interviewed... I must tell you there was not a dry eye in my house, you see we did not know Dad was going to be on the show.
He seemed quite normal but was in unit 8 because he had Demensha where he could remember stuff from years ago but could not remember the last 5 minutes. I must tell you the show was excellent and a great honour to our Veterans, I tried sending some e-mails to CTV after the show to let them know that I felt it was a excellent show and I would like a copy but did not get a reply from them so I phoned there and they gave me your companies name. We were also very happy to see the show also was on SCN about a hour after the first one and we watched that show as well. I would like you to thank the young ladies you had on the show as they did a excellent job and again I would like to thank you again for not only doing the show but also thank you for the excellent work you put into it. I would like to also let you know last summer I had a professional sign made up that I display at Car Shows with my show car to honour my Father and all the Veterans for there efforts for our freedom, I also thank modern day heroes as well. I will e-mail you a picture of this sign... My Dad had a copy hanging in his room and I was glad I was able to honour him and our Veterans in this way. When I am at Car Shows I get lots of good comments on the sign. In closing I would like to Thank you again and hope you will continue to honour our Veterans with more shows on them.
-Garth Doell
Just to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the program on Nov 11th that included remembering our Veteran's on Remembrance Day. I watched the program the first go 'round at noon, and my eighteen year old watched it with me at one o:clock, and he was very impressed at the program and how well it was done. My Dad, Ellwood Matheson was also featured on the program, an interview with him done some years ago, and he was remembered in the credits and in memory of. My Dad passed away, June 2003, and it was so nice to see him on TV, and hear him in the interview. I had told many friends and relatives, and they ALL had only good things to say about the program.
My only complaint would be that the program could have been longer!! The Vets you interviewed had much to say, many stories to tell. The two young ladies doing the interviewing were great at it!
Here's hoping we can see more local talent and productions in the future. Thanks for a wonderful program!!
-Patricia Howson


I enjoyed and appreciated the program on Nov 11th that included remembering our Veteran's on Remembrance Day... Very impressed at the program and how well it was done.
-Patricia Howson

Tony demonstrated great passion and attentionto detail on any responsibility he undertook. Not only can you count on thisbut also his ability to execute. He is a visionary that offers great creativityand pure professionalism. During our time working together, he was always keyin raising the bar on what we would achieve. Other market leaders aspired tofollow his leadership
- Kemal Leslie, President Travel Channel


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